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A job fair holds in Huai"an in Jiangsu province, Oct 13, 2018. [Photo/VCG]

Students who graduate in 2019 will have a higher number of jobs to choose from than their counterparts in 2018, a report released on Thursday has said.

Jobs in private enterprises and small and micro businesses have increased significantly, the report found., an online recruitment platform, published the report, and the company said that the ratio of jobs to job seekers was 2.68 in 2018"s first 11 months, compared with 1.78 in 2017.

The report was based on the platform"s database, which has registered more than 1 million university and college students set to graduate next year, along with their potential employers.

"It shows there are plenty of job opportunities for university graduates," said Chen Yu, deputy director of China Association of Employment Promotion.

The ratio rose because the number of job seekers grew by 21 percent year-on-year, while open positions increased by 81 percent, the report said.

"The majority of those new jobs were in education, consulting, internet and e-commerce, and media and culture industries," said Li Qiang, senior consultant.

Chen attributed service industry job growth to China"s economic development.

"The service industry will need more workers to provide more high-quality services for people as the economy develops. For example, many young people are getting involved in fitness, so the job of personal trainer is becoming increasingly popular," he said.

The ratio of jobs to job seekers in the export and import industry also increased to 1.81 this year from 0.71 last year.

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