Jay embroidered wristbandsChou joins fight to save endangered wildlife

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Jay Chou makes a gesture representing his commitment to protecting wild animals at the event in Beijing, May 27, 2019. Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn

Singer Jay Chou fronts WildAid campaign to protect endangered wildlife, especially pangolins and sea turtles.

Everybody can play their part in protecting endangered wildlife by not purchasing products made of endangered animals and also telling their family and friends to do the same, Chou said at a news conference held in Beijing on Monday.

The event, hosted by the China Wildlife Conservation Association, WildAid and the China Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Association, unveiled a new campaign video calling on consumers to help protect wildlife by never purchasing pangolin and sea turtle products.

With a career spanning two decades and countless hit songs, Chou is committed to helping protect wildlife.

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